Lemon tree recovery advice

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Hello, I am hoping for some assistance again please with a small lemon tree that I bought in June last year. It is around 4ft high including the pot, i don't know what type it is as it was bought from a private seller. It had been hard pruned before we took it on, but it made some new growth during the summer and looked healthy. We have kept it on our south facing patio next to the house under a 'lean-to' style roof and used a fleece for protection over the winter. I only uncovered it on any bright milder days to give it some light, but otherwise it was always kept covered up. After the Beast from the East left the leaves on this tree looked limp and curled under the fleece and the soil was bone dry, so i used luke warm tap water mixed with a tomato feed to try and help revive it. It's now been a week since it was uncovered and it still looks in a sad way. I really need some help, should i just leave it alone to recover? does it need any more feed? (i have just ordered a summer feed for citrus trees) or do i need to take another action to stop any further deterioration? Please if anyone can give me any pointers, I don't know what I should do for the best. Many Thanks



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    Not that bad considering. Try and keep it next to the house wall. Some leaves will die and drop off , but as it gets warmer, start increasing water and use a citrus feed. New shoots will soon get moving.
    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    Ok thank you very much I will move it back against the wall and give it another feed, this is the first fruit tree I have taken on so i am very cautious about what to do. I really thought i had lost it after this cold snap, so i'm encouraged by your comments. Thanks 

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    Check the newer shoots and prune back to "live" growth once danger of frost is past.  Difficult to tell from your pic - could just be leaves which have suffered.  To make it look slightly better, you can either remove the obviously dead leaves or wait til they drop.
    Little point in feeding just yet - particularly with a Tomato feed as that is only to promote flower/fruit - get the worst of the weather over with first and then use a feed which will benefit the tree overall.  Time yet to encourage flowering - healthy green growth should be the priority at this point in time.
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    Thank you Phillipa Smith2 I take your point about the feed, I was concerned that it had dried out too much so I wanted to give it a drink. The leaves are slightly yellowed/curled and hanging limp on the branches. I won't trim or remove anything until i can see evidence of new growth again when the weather improves. I have moved it against the wall now as per fidgetbones advice. Thank you

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    It might just be sulking, you are very brave to keep it outside, mind I dont know where you live,  Last months Gardeners World, Monty says to give them a good soaking once a month, rain water, as Phillipa says too early to feed it, The Citrus Centre Pulborough sell a feed you can use all year save getting a separate winter and summer one.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 2,454
    Silly ***, just seen it says Essex, I have a friend about 10 miles from braintree, and they got far more snow, and bad weather than us in the SE,
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    Thanks Nanny Beach, yes we had another cold snap this weekend with a slight covering of snow. I have the lemon tree against my house, under a lean to, with a fleece around it. The leaves are still very limp, but i wonder if it would normally loose last years leaves anyway? Ill have to increase the watering, but the rain water is so icy cold i was worried it wouldn't like that much either?

  • MrsGlazeMrsGlaze EssexPosts: 277
    Lightbulb moment, fill the watering can and bring it in doors to increase the temperature! 😉

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 2,171
    MrsGlaze, you did the right thing by keeping it close to the house wall and putting fleece over it during the cold snap. The leaves that droop may recover or they may drop, but that is fine, it happens. I would advise against watering anything. Obviously collect rain water for later but whilst the weather is still so cold, just hold back on the watering.

    Lots of people leave them in the cool conservatory or greenhouse, so if you have the space, then do that.
  • MrsGlazeMrsGlaze EssexPosts: 277
    Unfortunately not but where it is, is fairly well protected from the elements in a sheltered spot. Thank you for the advice about watering, im just keeping an eye on it now and hoping for the spring warmth to return soon☺

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