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looks like black soot on the holly leafs and then fall off

looks like black soot on the holly leafs , then holly leafs fall off ???


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Without seeing the leaves, it’s hard to say if you have a fungal type infection which turns the leaves black in areas or spots of black on the leaves. The best way to control this type of infection is prune away the affected areas.

    Check to to see if your leaves are sticky. Could be sooty mould which causes leaves to turn black. Scale insect attack normally causes this. Check the stems and back of leaves to see any sign of lumpy small raised areas. If so, they need to be removed by cleaning off or simply pruning out infected areas depending on the area.

    Always collect dead fallen leaves around the base to avoid any re-infection. Any fungal infection can spread through damp wet droplets and splashed especially around the base. 

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