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Delphinium question

NotyalcaNotyalca Posts: 134
Last summer I planted some delphinium seeds, and not long after my daughter (2 years old, removed my plant markers and put them all back in the wrong pots...

Im wondering if anyone has any pictures of what Delphinium new shoots look like from seed as now I have no idea which is which.
some pots failed to grow anything and the ones I thought were delphiniums the new shoots look like grass, long thin shoots, they were very pot bound and didn’t grow very large about 4 inches long, as it just slipped my mind to thin them out as we had a very wet end of summer and I didn’t get in the garden much.. but they remained the same all throughout winter, they are very hardy as they still survived the snow we got a few weeks ago! 

  The ones I believed to be them I’ve planted but I’m not sure I’m convinced that they are actually delphiniums..    After searching google images they look nothing like them, but the images were already established plants regrowing in spring. 

So has anyone got images of New growth of Delphiniums from seed please? 


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,769
    They don't look like grass, they start off roundish then get more divided.

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  • NotyalcaNotyalca Posts: 134
    In that case, I’ve definitely not got delphiniums hahah

    Looks like I’ll be sowing some more seeds today! 
  • NotyalcaNotyalca Posts: 134
    Also now begins the what on Earth have I grown.  Not long till I found out haha. Best not be a weed that I’ve just introduced into my new flower bed haha 
  • I speak with some experience here. Having been born and bred in Cumbria, Carlisle to be precise, I grew delphiniums’ for years both from seed and young starter plants. Do yourself a favour and buy young plants as seed grown are weak and take some time for strong clumps to establish. You will soon get strong clumps from bought plants and in no time you will be able to divide them. I grew a variety of delphiniums and quite a lot of them produced a second flush after being cut down to ground level. I just love them but I am not having the same success on the south coast, where I now live.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,172
    oh dear, another raker -up of old threads

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