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Hole in my leylandi

Morning all. Bit swish this new forum, innit?

We have a leylandii bush that forms part of the boundary between ourselves and one of our neighbours. Its about 4 metres in length and about two and a half metres high, and during the growing season I maintain it in a box shape. About a year ago and being short of other places to put it at the time, I positioned a plastic outdoor storage unit in front of the bush so that I could store firewood in it.

When I took the box away and moved it a few weeks ago, I found that the bush had died back in the area deprived of sunlight, leaving an unsightly brown patch about 1 metre square. Unsure at first as to what to do, I cut out most of the dead patch and now I have a hole in my leylandi. 

We moved into this house just under four years ago and the leylandii was roughly the size that it is now. I've seen Google street view pics of our back garden under its previous ownership, and judging by the size it was then, I reckon it could be up to 20 years old. I believe they don't live much longer than that, and I'm concerned that the bush won't regrow and fill the hole. Am I worrying unnecessarily?  
Pic to follow, hopefully. 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,656
    Leylandii do not regrow from brown wood so your hole will never be filled by the tree.   You need to disguise it with a feature plant or plants or another structure.
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  • Thanks for that. I'd already planned to construct a new wood store to augment my current storage arrangements, so I'll cut the edges of the hole square and build the new structure so that it fits snugly inside. Should look really good. ;0)
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,174
    Make the accidental look intentional Des ... quite an achievement :wink:

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  • Make the accidental look intentional Des ... quite an achievement :wink:
    Again Dove, a problem suddenly and magically becomes an opportunity!
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