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Fruit tree rootstocks height and spread - advice please

cloud8cloud8 Posts: 103
Hi, I have a small suburban garden (roughly 30' x 18') with no lawn but three large beds.  There's room in each bed for a fruit tree (I fancy crab, damson and apple) but I'm confused about rootstocks.  If I get ones that don't grow too tall e.g. 8-12' then they may be bushy too low down and get in the way of other shrubs and me tending my beds.  But if I get one any taller to give me the bushiness above head height I'm worried it'll be out of proportion for the garden.  Any thoughts please?


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  • cloud8cloud8 Posts: 103
    Thank you, that is useful.  

    I also found on the RHS website that for trees with intermediate water requirements on non-clay soils you can site the tree 1/2 it's height from the house.  So even if I plant them 3/4 of their height away I should be safe with bigger trees than I had thought, and hopefully they won't look out of proportion.
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