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Help Me Identify these Succulents!

DurrendalDurrendal Posts: 62
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So, got quite a few new succulents, but I need help ID-ing them! Help!

It's me, Durrendal here btw( In case anyone remembers)


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    I have been away from the world of cacti and succulents a good while but I think:
    1, 2 , 5 = all opuntias and are cacti
    3 = cereus? but definitely a cactus
    4= echevaria (succulent)
    6 = cactus, can't think of species, possibly echinocereus
    7 = guess at a sedum or crassula (succulent)
    They are all common so I'm sure you can find out exactly what they are either by trawling the web or getting a beginner's guide to cacti and succulents.
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