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Problem with tree outside

currently have a crab apple tree outside our house, we ask the council to come and trim it every year as it is a danger to pedestrians passing by. All they say is they’ll send someone out to look at it then say can’t be doneby my 4 year old son fell and my wife’s 90 year old nan slipped and nearly fell on these crab apples, what are my rights in trimming it myself


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,626
    If it is a public/council owned tree you can't touch it.  You can, however, keep copies of all emails and letters you have sent on the subject and take photos of the offending branches and apples and note any accidents caused then send a dossier to the head of environmental affairs as well as the head of health and safety for the council and say you would like to see some action before someone gets really hurt and sues them.

    In the meantime, how hard would it be for you to sweep up the apples yourself?  Where I live, we are all responsible for keeping the pavement clear outside our own house.   Saves a fortune in rates.
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    Trimming it won't stop it producing the fruit ... in fact pruning/trimming usually stimulates fruit production ... as Obelixx says, if you're able bodied, a stiff broom is what you need. 

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