How to post a new discussion

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How to post a new discussion

From any page on the forum, you can click the purple button labelled New discussion, as below.

You’ll be taken to a new page with drop-down options for categorisation, as well as a text-editing box for you to write your post in. 

First, choose the category you’d like your discussion to appear in from the dropdown list. In keeping with our previous versions of the forum, there’s a choice of Plants, Problem solving, Fruit & veg, Wildlife gardening, Garden design, Tools and techniques, and The potting shed.

When you’ve selected an appropriate category, write the title of your discussion in the text box Discussion title. Don’t include too much information, but make sure people can easily understand what it is you’re asking. For example, if you’d like to identify a rose, it would be more helpful to write ‘Rose ID required’ rather than ‘ID required’.

Then, in the main text box, write your post in full giving all important details. From here you can also upload pictures, embed videos, or format your text.

When you’ve finished your post, you can then either post it straight away by clicking Post discussion; save it as a draft to come back to later by clicking Save draft; preview it before posting by clicking Preview; or cancel to go back to the forum by clicking Cancel.

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