How to create a poll

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How to create a poll

From any page on the forum, you can click the downward-pointing arrow on the purple button titled New discussion, from where you can click New poll, as per below.

First, write your poll question, as well as an optional description, in their corresponding text boxes. Then, choose whether you’d like the poll voters’ identities to be anonymous or not – ticking the box will ensure their identities aren’t revealed.

Finally, enter your poll options in the numbered text boxes. You can add as many poll options as you wish, by pressing Add another poll option.

When you’re finished, press the purple Post poll button, and your poll will be live on the forum straight away.

If you’ve chosen to reveal voters’ identities, their choice will be publicly visible on the forum, and on any post they make within your poll.


  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,237
    Help please Nora. I tried to post a poll but it went nuts and posted it 3 times before I 'd finished! Could you delete two of them please? It won't let me do that either!!!
  • james 239james 239 Posts: 51
    Is there a way to create a poll in an existing post?
  • FireFire LondonPosts: 4,447
    I don't think so. You could create a new poll thread and link it to the old post...
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