How to use search on the forum

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How to use search on the forum

From the Categories or Recent discussions pages, you can use the white search bar at the top of the page, above the advert, to search through forum content, as indicated below.

For example, you could type ‘roses’ in the search field, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard, which will give you all the content present on the forum which contains the word ‘roses’.

If you find that there’s too much to sift through, you can refine your search results by clicking the downward-pointing arrow on the search bar after you have begun a search. You can use the filters to provide you with more tailored results, as per below.

For example, you may know the exact title of a particular thread you are looking for, or the forum member who started the discussion. You can also choose which category you’d like to see results from, or you could filter by date, if you know roughly the period you’d like to see results from.

When you are finished filtering your results, simply press the purple Search button at the end, and you’ll have a new list of search results.

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