An explanation of quote folding

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Here's an explanation of quote folding...

You can adjust your preferences for this in your Quote settings.

If you choose not to fold your quotes at all, this is what you see when several different posts are quoted at the same time:

If you choose to fold your quotes, this is what it will look like:

In the above example, I chose to fold it after three posts have been quoted.

You can then expand the list by clicking Show previous quotes or collapse the list by clicking Hide previous quotes.

Hope that makes sense!


  • steph.rout63steph.rout63 Posts: 1
    I've noticed this year on a neighbours tree these little fly type insects. They are now starting yo crawl around some if my pots. The trees are absolutely covered in them. 
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    Hello Steph and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately you have posted this in the wrong place and it may not get seen by people who can help.
    At the top of the webpage on the right hand side, you will see a box with 'New Discussion' in it. Click on that and another box will drop down with New Discussion and New Poll. Click on New Discussion. Give your question a title such as 'Flies on my neighbour's trees. Then type your question and post the pictures.
    Looking at those they appear to be black fly (aphids) and they seem to be quite common so far this year. Rub them off your plants with your fingers or if you are too squeamish about doing that, wash them off with a water spray. Try not to use insecticides as these may harm the useful pollinators such as bees.
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