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From this section you can:

  • Read through the accessibility guidelines we work to on the forum

  • Find out how to toggle your forum view when writing a post, from a white background with black text, to a black background with grey text

  • Learn how to get extra assistance from your browser

  • Learn how to get extra assistance from your device.

1. Our accessibility guidelines

This forum has been built to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) international accessibility guidelines, WCAG 2.0.

Here are some of the key points included, in relation to the forum:

  • Site is primarily text-based and high-contrast

  • Site has a keyboard-friendly interface

  • Site uses a limited colour set, with limited images or symbols as navigation aids or primary content

  • Site uses modern HTML5 markup and accessible forms

  • Ability to toggle text editor (see below for details).

2. How to toggle your forum view

You are now able to toggle your view when writing a post. While the default view is a white background with black text, you are now able to change this to a black background with grey text, as you can see below. Follow the steps below to find out how to do it.

To get to this view, you’ll first need to select the expand icon, as indicated below, when creating a post.

Then, click the toggle icon, as indicated.

When you’ve finished writing your post, you can return to the previous screen by once again selecting the expand icon. You can then preview your post, save it as a draft, or post it straightaway to the forum.

3. Getting help from your browser

By adjusting some of the settings in your browser, you’re able to create a more tailored experience, suited to your personal requirements. Take a look at some of these help guides for each of the main browsers used.

Chrome | Firefox | Internet Explorer Safari

Not sure which browser you’re using? Here’s how you can find out.

4. Getting help from your device

Most devices will have accessibility options, not just for using the internet but for operating the device in general.

Follow the links below to read the help guides associated with some of the most popular operating systems. If you aren’t sure what operating system your mobile, tablet or desktop device uses, you can find this within your device's settings, or by visiting this website

If yours isn’t listed below, simply go to your device’s dedicated web page, or go to a search engine, and search for accessibility help.

Mobiles and tablets

iOS (iPhone, iPad) | Android | Windows | Kindle

Desktop computers and laptops

Mac OS X | Microsoft Windows 

For more help on accessibility, you may find the BBC website useful, which has plenty of guides available.

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