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Begonia tubers for pots

can I plant these in pots and put on a sunny window ledge in the house until the weather improves? I saw another post and they sound rather more complicated than my neighbour has led me to believe?  


  • LynLyn Posts: 22,852

    They are not at all complicated Nadine, have you got a seed tray, fill with compost then just push the corms into the soil so that they are half way in, leaving the top free, you plant them with the bowl shaped bit uppermost, don’t water the corm, just the compost around them.   No need for a lid or a plastic bag, just leave in the room, or a warm conservatory. 

    Don’t leave them in hot sun on a windowsill though, they will burn, 

    When they have lots of shoots and have grown to about three inches, gently lift them and plant individually in pots, keep them indoors until start of May, then they can go out in pots or baskets. They will benefit from a feed of tomato food once they have started to flower. 

    The reason for starting in trays is that you can get several in there, they don’t always take so there’s not a pot of compost and space wasted. 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Perfect! Thank you! That sounds doable! Much appreciated! 

  • LynLyn Posts: 22,852

    Any problems, just come back, I wanted to send you a photo of mine laying in their trays to show you but the site’s not accepting photos.  

    When the new site is up and running next week we can put photos on very easliy, if you want to wait, there’s no rush to start them off, I’ve only put mine in because they were starting to shoot, if yours haven’t yet, then you can do this in Mid March. 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

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