Cauliflower Problems


Hi there, I am new to gardening and so far no real problems until I planted these 3 pregrown Bonnie cauliflower plants. The comparison is from 2/22 (bought as is) to 2/28. The vegetable itself is uniqu to one another   1-turning brown, 2-looks as if it’s flowering and the 3rd is rottin. Each plant is also having major leaf problems. Some of the issues look pre-existing, newbie luck. Others, like leaves coming off started after planting. Please help! 


  • 1. To cold.

    2. You planted them out to quickly. Plants need time to prepare for outdoor life, by taking them out a little longer each day before planting. 

    I would guess the answer is one of those. :)

  • If that is the case, are the plants dead? If so, do I toss them or just cut the vegetable itself out? I’m thinking that I got a bad batch. I am in Florida and the weather is perfect for their growth per articles I’ve read. If anything there has been a few 85 days, but nothing below 60 here. 

  • You can try to cover them with an old lace curtain (cabbages doesn't like that fleece you can buy for vegetables) or an old window. 

  • Thank you so much! I took them out of the raised bed since they were newly planted (still in the planter ready container) and moved to buckets that I can bring inside each night until it’s more consistent and to prevent them from spreading to my other veggies :)

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    I wouldn't buy seedling cauliflowers that are already forming a curd ... transplanting will check the formation of the curd and the plant will run to seed and die.

    Take a look here 

    Scroll down to the section on Planting out Cauliflower ... it will tell you all you need to know.  

    I'm afraid I think the plants you have are beyond salvation.  Sorry image

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  • Thats what I was thinking image good thing is I got them last Thursday, so I’m lookimg for the receipt to take them back to Lowe’s. I was questioning them by the way they had already formed and looked funny. But knowing nothing, thought I’d try to get them to work. However they are taking a turn for the worse. 

  • Kdc Take it as a lesson learned. Cabbages aren't that hard to get from seed, but start with an easy one like kale. If they get frostbite, they just taste better. 

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