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Something's annihilating my seedlings!

Hi there, I wonder if someone can help with some advice please?

I have little viola seedlings under a seedling tray with lid, which I planted during the summer. 

They were doing great, and were big enough to seperate out into their own little pots (but still protected under the seedling tray dome.)

They were still doing well despite all our frost and snow (with one even flowering), but some of the smaller, weaker ones were getting little holes in the leaves.

I didn't take any action (oops!), and today I've just noticed that most of them come away at the roots, as though something has eaten the roots. And the leaves are full of holes.image

There are only 2 or 3 "surviving" ones, which are the healthiest & largest, and I'm worried whatever was on the poor munched ones, will move onto these (I was keeping the holey/eaten ones incase I could help them).

I'm not sure what does this, is it a mite/larvae ?

Is it likely that the same bug that has eaten the roots in the soil is the same one that ate the holes in the leaves, or do you think it'd be two different kinds of plant attackers?!

How can I stop them? So many questions! Thanks in advance for any help offered. image 


  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,600

    Last week, before the freeze, I found vine weevil grubs active in my soil, outdoors. Take one or two of your plants out of the pots and look for small, white grubs in the soil. If you find any, that is your problem. They eat away the roots until the plant cannot take up water and wilts and dies. Another possibility is tiny slugs munching the base of the stems and separating the plant from the root. In this case, there will be plenty of root in the pots. Finally, if the plants have stood in waterlogged soil they could have just rotted off. I hope you find the answer!

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