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Evergreen climber

I'm looking for advice on the best evergreen climbers for a pergola.

Ideally self climbing and low maintenance. 

The pergola is in a semi shaded spot and the plants would be grown in pots.

Flowering would be lovely or leaves that change colour for interest during the year.

It would also need to be weather hardy and cope with winters in the UK (frost etc).



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,120

    Variegated ivies will eventually mature to provide blossom and berries for pollinators and birds.  Lonicera sempervirens is evergreen in mild winters and will give coral pink flowers.   Forms of clematis cirrhosa will be evergreen and provide flowers in winter - several forms available.

    As you want them to climb and perform well you need to make sure they get the biggest pots of planters you can find and give them the best compost for their needs.  You can look up their individual cultivation needs on the RHS site.

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