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Tree ID - And Infection Control/Help in it?

I've got a tree in the back garden that I love, but over the weekend I was doing some post winter inspections and pulled away half of the thickness of a major branch, and it looks like the whole, large  branch needs to come down for safety reasons: this is the front and back of the branch.


Any help with ID'ing the tree, and then what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated!


The tree's lost a number of branches in the past given it's looks.

We're on solid clay in Hampshire.

Thanks in advance


  • I think your tree is a Magnolia.  The picture of the damaged branch looks very like Honey Fungus.  Magnolias are very prone to honey fungus.  If it is this you will probably lose the tree.  Have a look at the RHS website.

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    For a branch that big I suggest a tree surgeon.

    If not start towards the outer end and take of chunks to reduce the weight so you don't get bark tearing down the trunk and causing further damage.

    Lastly, make a cut under the branch to stop bark tearing and then make a clean cut close to the trunk to remove the last bit of damaged branch.  Get rid of all the wood so it doesn't infect anything else.

    Do it soon before the sap rises and the tree bleeds as this will slow healing as well as weakening the tree by losing energy.

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