Bougainvillea Advice

I have a large (I think quite old) bougainvillea in my front yard that I need some advice on.

Currently it’s been trimmed into kind of a hedge shape (See link below for pictures) and I was hoping for more of a natural look and wanted to maximize flowering. 

I’ve already trimmed quite a bit lower down (it was really overgrown) but I’m not sure what/how much to do with the top

Any suggestions on pruning - how much? Where? How far down to the main stems can I cut without hurting the plant? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

(I’m in Los Angeles, zone 10a)


  • Hello,

    I have been growing Bougainvillea for years, but indoors. In my experience, you can prune back heavily as they easily bud back on old wood. Hope this is helpful.


  • I also have a Bougainvillea, but due to our climate it is growing in a cold greenhouse (it is too cold in winter for us to grow the plant outside here).  We do prune ours back quite hard in the winter and it has never let us down - producing the most gorgeous flowers for most of the year.image

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