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Moving my border around

Three years ago I took three months out of work and had a thoroughly enjoyable time stripping out and restructuring my garden.

This isn't a massive plot, (we live in a suburban semi) but there was an incredible amount of work involved and the rewards were fantastic.

Last year, however, as the perennials in my main border reached maturity it became obvious that a re-shuffle was required. My key (and favourite) plants - Astrantia and Geum are dominating the front middle of my border and need to move backwards.    

Is there a good time to do this? Am I too late for this year? Will frost impact my newly moved plants if they are subject to a shuffle now? 

I would really appreciate some guidance on this. 


  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,978

    I would wait for another month or at least a few weeks until this forecasted cold snap goes over. Still plenty of time before spring and really any time before the end of April will be ok. 

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