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Curling and tiny holes of Choisya ternata leaves

Hi there,

I purchased the choisya ternata seedling late January this year from Waitrose garden. Please see the pictures attached. When it arrived, I found tiny brown holes on the new growth leaves, which are also curling. I didn't return it and planted it into the courtyard in early February. So far, the plant suffers from frost damage with some bubbles on the leaves and show no sign of improvement on the shot hole symptom. 

As I am really a new-starter for gardening, it will be extremely helpful if anyone can share me some suggestions.

Thanks a lot in advance!




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    Unfortunately, the photo facility on this forum is not working right now, so try to post again on Monday, hopefully it will be fixed by then. 

    When you mention seedling, I'm assuming this plant is no more than 5 inches tall? Sounds like a really young cutting to me, and it would be better to re-pot it into a slightly larger pot and leave in a cool greenhouse or against a warm sunny wall rather than plant straight into the ground. It's possible that it was grown in humid conditions or has been neglected for a bit of time. Placing a plant like that straight into the ground will weaken it more.

    Mature Choisya shrubs seldom have trouble with leaves. If you can dig it back up and re-pot with multi purpose compost and using very clean knife or scissors, remove the damaged leaves down to the next good leaves. Keep it from getting too hot and humid. Good venitilation and no need to over water. See how it responds after that. 

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