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Anyone really good with climbing roses?


I bought a bunch of roses last year with no idea of how to look after them. The finishing product should be completely beautiful roses and I'm looking forward to them growing and developing.

This might seem like a really silly question, especially with the plants being so young but I'm having a problem with identifying the main and lateral stems. I bought bare rooted roses with 3 canes each. Are the 3 initial canes the main stems or does the main stem grow off these initial canes? Articles that I have read say that the main canes must be trained horizontal in order to get the best blooms. 

I have a photo to show what I have done so far. I've underlined one of the original 3 canes in green and I am assuming that that's one of the main canes. The cane that has grown off it I am assuming is a lateral cane so have tied that in upright. Please let me know if this is actually a main cane and if I need to move this into a horizontal position.

I hope what I've written makes sense.

[URL= rose_zpsbnzrbghk.jpg.html][IMG] rose_zpsbnzrbghk.jpg[/IMG][/URL]


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