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Is a Bamboo fence roof on a pergola a good idea to train Wisteria on too?



Im a newbie to the gardeners world forum and was hoping for some kind advise on wether installing bamboo fencing to roof side of Pergola is a good idea for training Wisteria on too?

We have a south facing garden that gets lots of sun and there are two reasons for the bamboo, that being firstly to train the wisteria and secondly to give shade on hot days. 

The wisteria is still very much in its infant stage having only planted April 2017 so appreciate for good coverage I'm a bit of time off, however am concerned that I'm potentially restricted its growth due to the wisteria being planted on the in a inside of the pergola vertical uprights, see to the left and right on photos.

Your advise would be much appreciated as I'm really considering removing and installing wires instead on the roof side as I have already done vertically on the posts.

Also one final question, any advise on what wisteria is best to buy for quick growth?

Thank you 

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  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 1,958

    Unfortunately, pictures are not loading at the moment so I can't see what you mean. However, in my experience, wisteria grows very quickly once it settles in and might be too heavy to be supported by bamboo. I can't see your pergola but it needs to be large and strong for wisteria which will quite happily cover the wall of a house!

  • As Posy says,it may be to vigorous for bamboo to support it. Over the years their main trunk and branches become the size of a tree.

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  • Thank you Posy and Cagzo.... Very worthwhile point, especially considering the bamboo used on the fencing is approx 5mm only and even though naturally quite compacted given that it is fencing, however that to might pose a problem as the shoots may struggle to pass through and could leave me with potentially a large branch settling on top! 

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