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Magnolia advice needed please

Jules41Jules41 Posts: 178

I would love to plant a magnolia tree in my front garden - it's mostly lawn, with borders of hydrangea.  The garden isn't big ( about 5 metres by 5 metres ) but I would love as big a magnolia that would fit. I have very sandy soil and there is a magnolia in a garden round the corner so I hope one would grow. Does any have any advice on varieties, growing advice, etc ☺


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,144

    The ubiquitous Magnolia soulangeana is commonly seen in gardens ; raeches small tree size if happy .

    I have a 15' high M.liliiflora 'Jane' which is kept that height by careful bi-annual pruning ; bears delightful dark wine-red upright 'goblet' like flowers in early summer .

    My soil is slightly acidic loam and both that and M.stellata flourish .

    Just remember to keep moist at all times during the first year or so , especially in your sandy soil .

    Plants like these , along with Rhododendron , Camellia , Crinodendron and Eucryphia etc. seem to bear a stigma of being difficult in cultivation . Just feed and soak with rainwater and you shouldn't have any problems .

    Yikes , I'm starting to 'rabbit on' again , will shut up now image

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