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Sweet pea help

Good afternoon

I am very new to gardening and want to grow cut flowers.

I planted some sweet peas seeds a few weeks ago in deep root pots. They have germinated and are now 4-6 inches tall. i started to put them in a cold frame in the day to harden them off. My question is what to do now the cold weather is in its way. My house is around 20 degrees, the garage has no light and im worried if I leave them out overnight it will be too cold.

If anyone can give me an idiots proof guide what to do, that would be fabulous.



  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 8,530

    The cold frame is the best of your available options.

    Have you pinched the tops out yet, if not I would do that now?

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  • How many do you have? Bringing them in under lights may be your only real option.  This is half tray size - there is a bigger version though.

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 22,159

    They'll be fine in the cold frame but if it's forecast to get very cold maybe put some newspapers or an old blanket on top before sundown and take it off by day till the cold spell is over.

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  • Bromley, KentPosts: 127

    You could always hang them on hooks in sandwich bags. Has worked for me on occasions, but this is exceptionally cold


  • Bromley, KentPosts: 127

    Not easy adding photos, or even a link, but here are sweet peas on hooks image


  • Thanks for your replies. stuartdot I can’t open your link. Would you mind putting it up again. Unfortunately I can’t afford the heat lights at the moment. I think I will wrap in blankets or fleece at night. I haven’t pinched the tops out yet.

    Should I do this now and put them straight outside?

    What will happen if I leave them in our house for another week or so until the really cold spell is over?

    we are due overnight temperatures of -3 to -5 and the day is only 6-7 degrees.

  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 8,530

    You do not need lights and certainly not heat.

    A cold frame should be ok.

    Did they tear it out with talons of steel
    And give you a shot, so that you wouldn't feel?
    And washed it away as if it wasn't real?
  • Bromley, KentPosts: 127

    Sophieglen. This copied and pasted into your browser might just work image. If not, I'm out of ideas. Perhaps someone could explain how to insert pics or links to pics

    I find sweet peas very tolerant of the cold but they need protection from wind and rain.

  • Bromley, KentPosts: 127

    Ah, now we have a link

  • Thanks so much for the link. What a brilliant idea. I will pinch the tops today and put in my cold frame. 

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