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Allium summer & Gladiolus callianthus bulbs/corms

I have seen an interesting offer for allium summer bulbs and Gladiolus callianthus acidantlera - peacock orchid corms.  Has anyone grown these successfully and do you think they are suitable for patio pots?  The allium flowers are yellow, pink and white mix. 

I have tried both in the past but the results have been poor and they don't last more than a year and I think our soil may be too heavy for them, so I thought potting them with a lighter soil/loam may be more successful. Any suggestions?


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,060

    Hello GD2

    I would certainly give the G.callianthus a go in a well-draining sandy mix planted in clay pots . Nice colour contrast . Give them full sunshine and should be good but keep on dry side during Winter .

    Same with the Alliums !

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,060

    PS Some lift and dry the corms for the Winter and keep in a frost free but cool dry environment .

  • I have never lifted bulbs Paul, which could be the reason why they don't do well or even grow in the second year.  Having said that I did try lifting some dahlia tubers once but they got too dry and shrivelled up before they could be planted out for a second season. Thanks for the tips.

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