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Lawn Sand

My new lawn has settled a little in spots and i would like to iron that out.  I also wanted to top the lawn with sand so that when it rains which is a lot here the very top few mm to 1cm is actually sand rather than muddy soil.  What would be the best sand to use.  Its a large area so price is a consideration.

Many thanks for any thoughts in advance.



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    Sand is normally mixed with topsoil to create an even top layer. If you buy comercial lawn sand, it is there to mainly get rid of moss and burn top layers off. Look for lawn top dressing, as that sounds more like what you need. Most lawns are muddy at this time of year, so pouring sand over mud will not make it less muddy in one go. A yearly management of laying top dressing normally builds a small layer over time. 

  • Hi James

    You want to use sharp sand, possibly with a little topsoil and compost. Here's a decent link:

    You can buy sharp sand in bulk from builders merchants, but you'll see below that it's probably not necessary unless your lawn is bigger than about 100 square metres.

    Taking Wickes as an example (you can buy it elsewhere too), you can buy 5+ bags for £1.64 per bag. At a depth of 5mm you would get 3 square metres per bag. So 100 square metres would need 34 bags, costing £55.76 if you purely used sharp sand.

  • Hi Guys.  Many thanks for your replies.  The lawn is about 110 m2 so is fairly large.  When I say muddy i mean it will get a little mud on your shoe if you walk over it.  It was a bog but 100m of land drain and 24 ton of topsoil later I appear to have beat that.  I now just want to firm the surface.  I bought Rolawn turf when I relaid it and it appears all the fine grasses in that mix have died, will they regrow in spring?  I am thinking the sharp sand maybe the best option as top dressing seems to have a lot of organics in it which I would imagine add to the muddyish top.  Would that be right?

    Thanks again


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