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Please can s tell me how and when to prune a wisteri?  I’ve been told they won’t flower if they’re not pruned



  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,121

    I pruned a very large one the other day ; right or wrong I simply cut back 3-4 buds from the stem tips , and also removed any 'whippy' growth . This is growing on a large pergola in a private garden ; I tied any loose ands with tying wire just to secure it .

    No doubt others here will disagree with this , but it has always worked for me .

  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    They will flower whether you prune them or not but you get a better shape if you prune. I am terrified of doing the wrong thing and upsetting mine so I never prune it and it's a bit of a mess but the flowers are fantastic.

  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,145

    I prune mine twice a year. In the later part of the summer after flowering I remove any whippy growth and reduce spurs to 5 or 6 buds in length. Then in early Jan I take these same stems down to around 3 buds. This is fairly conventional and leads to better flower production. There are plenty of good videos on You Tube if needed.

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,121

    Just to carry on from this morning before I went to work , my computer went completely psycho and failed to respond to either the mouse or keyboard ; OK now though !

    Another customer of mine has a 20'+ Wisteria growing on a NE (!) wall ; they've never want it pruning but apart from being an amorphous mass it flowers regularly every year .


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420

    I agree its a bit of a myth they wont flower without pruning but prune them does stimulate better / more flowers. Shape important, they look a mess not prune to shape. They probably only flower at the top like they do in the wild growing up trees, pruning them you can have lovely flowers nearly top to bottom  image

    I do the same pruning as Dave

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