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Buddleia (Buttetfly Bush) Winter

Hi everyone

Not sure what zone I am up here in falkirk think its #7 and it can get cold over winter. My problem is I want to cover my garden in buddleia. I have seed growing and have some buddleia plants about 18 inches high  from the garden center. I want to put them in large pots (55cm) around the garden and some in the garden. Is it too cold to plant them in the pots and put them out now with night time temps around minus 3 at the moment. As there is some growing wild around here I thougjt it would be ok but im hearing that its too cold for pots can you advice me. Thanks


  • Jules41Jules41 Posts: 178

    It's probably still a little early yet - best to wait until chance of frost has passed.  You'll have no problems filling your garden with them. I planted one 2 years ago and already have 5 other plants from the cuttings (one even took from a piece that I had left on the ground after pruning !!)  You'll need to keep them under control as they grow very quickly and can easily take over. It's all worth it though as the beautiful butterflies, bees and huge amount of other little pollinators really are fantastic to see. Hope this helps. 

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