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Laying tuft or seed on area with clay beneath it

Hi, can anyone help with what to do when clay is very prominent in my garden. It was rotorvated and top soiled then turfed 3 years ago and I had 2 good years of lawn. Last year it all died and it was always wet.. I put drainage in and turfed over the work I did but it hasnt worked. any ideas to re turf or seed and what work needs to be done would be greatly appreciate.


  • With my boggy clay rich lawn I fixed it with the following.

    1) scarified the lawn to remove thatcher and moss. 

    2) applied agricultural gypsum to help break up the clay (branded products are called 'clay breaker') . But search for agricultural gypsum £20 for about 25kg (clay breaker 8 pounds for 3kg)

    3) dumped lots of soil conditioner on the lawn. Let nature weather it into the soil. Soil conditioner is a mix of manure and organic matter to help the soil.

    4) then sowed seed with compost over the top (or anything without sand).

    This was 2 years ago and all has been fine. I did things to improve drainage 

  • Applying sand to a clay soil will not improve drainage. You want to create air gaps between clay particles in the soil , sand has the wonderful ability to fill in any gaps . Organic matter and gypsum will work wonders. Also consider dumping lots of grit on the lawn to aid drainage. After a few weeks whatever you apply to the top of a lawn will be weathered into it. 

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