Lightening decking stained with cuprinol

imageThe decking in my garden has been down for at least 10 years according to my neighbour.  last year my first in the house I stained it with cuprinol anti decking stain, it was a mid brown originally and tatty so it had 2 coats of Hampshire oak.  I have never has decking before - it is very dark, and very hot in summer.  Could I lighten it using cupriol stain stripper to get it to a much lighter shade, or I was thinking city stone which is a pale grey Stone

or is this just a waste of time and money?  The decking is starting to go a bit around the edges, so nit sure what it's lifespan is but I'd rather keep it as long as possible .  I need to clean it and remove some algae anyway, so was thinking I should stain yearly to stop it being damaged?  Is cuprinol worth the extra compared to the own brands too?  many thanks for all help

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