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Dear all,

I have just draft a plan for my new house's front garden, would love to have everyone's opinion and input if anyone have some time or lovely idea?

It's lawn/grass  based at the moment, the house is half belongs to the council so my plan still need to get approve before I put anything to the ground. I have a boy and a walking toddler so I cant plant a Yew hedges althou I love them!! Most of the plants are from my old house which is still in pots at the moment. And I have a sloopy back garden to work with still which I might just leave it to be a football and summer garden!!

Attached is my hand drawn pic and the photo of the garden at the moment.

Thank you for looking!!



  • I would plant the lavender hedge along the other side of the path, as it looks as if it will get more sun, which lavender loves.

    Daffodils always look better in clumps than in lines and they will be happy in some shade, so could go to the left of the path with clumps of tulips in between, both planted deeply, and then your perennial border plants too. The leaves of the perennials will help to hide the daffodil leaves, which look untidy as they die back after flowering, but you need to leave them for the bulbs to build up for next year's flowers. You can put snowdrops at the front and instead of bluebells, which can spread and be a nuisance, I would suggest either Scillas or Chionodoxas,which are brilliant blue.  All of these will spread and make little patches of colour and appear early, just when you most need cheering upimage

    Have you decided which roses and raspberries you want to plant? Or are they some of the things you have in pots?

    Raspberries vary a bit, but some send out new shoots quite a long way from the parent plant, which could be a nuisance if they kept popping up in the lawn or the other side of the fence! I would be inclined to plant them all together in a bed in the back garden (they don't mind some shade) and that would also make it easier to net them, if you need to stop birds eating the fruit.

    You could make a border down that side, which looks like the sunniest bit, with the roses and either  more perennials or some annuals and your sunflowers of course!

    Lastly, you have shown two trees - a cherry blossom and one labelled marigold. This last is a puzzle - do you mean Magnolia?  You haven't given dimensions, but from the fence panels I'm guessing the lawn side is roughly 12 foot wide and twice as long. Whether you can fit in both will depend on which varieties you have chosen. As you are growing your blueberries in pots, you maybe don't have acid soil, which is what magnolias prefer too, but there are some newish varieties that you can also grow in pots and they don't grow very big.

    I hope this helps and doesn't upset your plan too muchimage

    If you would like any more suggestions or help,  do ask and do show us what you decide to do. We love 'before and after' pics!

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  • Good to see someone making a nice front garden, instead of just paving it over, I wish you luck, and look forward to any progress pics.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    I think two trees is one tree too many! And I think it would be better in the top right hand corner of the photo (next to the pavement) rather than in the lawn where it won't interfere with people walking down the path.. The lavender hedge would be better on the right hand side of the path and the bed to the left of the path filled with shrubs, perennials, bulbs etc. I would also shape the lawn a bit (kidney shape is easiest) just to give it a bit of interest. In the bit where it comes in, in the kidney shape, next to the path, you could have a standard rose next to the lawn to give a bit of height or a birdbath. It's feet will be surrounded by the lavender. Or if you are a square type of person, shape the lawn into two offset squares/rectangles. That will give you one bed on either side - one planted with lavender, the other containing the tree next to the pavement. 

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  • pingping Posts: 70

    Dear all,

    Thank you for all your lovely ideas and advise I learned a lot!!

    Yes I will definitely change my planting plan for the welfare of the plants, and yes the other tree is Magnolia which is still in its tiny pot at the moment poor thing!!!

    I will also look into adding a pebble path somewhere around the right side just to add a little fun for the kids, but that got to wait until most of the plants establishes  at their right place.

    Hopefully this time next year I can show it off proudly!!

    Thank you to all  once again!!


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