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green manure (mustard)

 iv'e got another half plot allotment thats not be cultivated for a year or more! can any one tell me how i go about sowing mustard as a green manure ? can just broad cast it on the top over the weeds or should I skim the weeds off and the sow ?     iv'e looked in the seed catalogue but carn't seem to find the answer ! atb DD,  ps   also will the predicted cold spell stop it from germinating?

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  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 322

    It would be best if you clear the weeds first and then sow your mustard,I would wait till this predicted cold spell passes and then sow it,mustard is quick to germinate if the weather is warmish and showery.My father used to grow it to help very sandy soil to give it some, body to stop it blowing away because we farmed on very sandy soil,it does help to suppress the weeds. hope that will help in some way,I also use a autumn green manure mix which I will be digging in any time. Regards Peter.

  • Peter thank you for your advice ,i'll do as you surgest and sow when when the cold snap passes .atb DD

  • It’s best to plant mustard greens around January to April or July to October, depending on where you live and the frost dates of your locality. 
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    @samanthanichols1299Q0YTZpzV - the thread nearly five years old, so I expect the posters have sorted their problem out with the advice already offered   :)
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