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re - design of wide and shallow garden


For cost reasons I'd like to keep the existing patio and decking, and shed where they are -

I was thinking of making the lawn circular, disguising the fences with climbers, a round the tree seat for the tree in far right corner (plum tree surrounded by decking), a bench on the patio where the recycling bins are currently, carving out more of a patio area in front of the shed with gravel laid over membrane. putting a pergola in somehwtehre to grow wisteria and grapes  - where would eb best?

Any advice very gratefully




  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645

    A circular lawn will certainly help make the garden look deeper and give you width for planting shrubs and climbers to hide things like the bins.  I found this image on Pinterest

    imageand you could adapt or mirror it to suit your existing features that you wish to keep.  Maybe erect a couple of trellis panels to hide the bins and, to keep things simple, just a couple of foldable patio chairs for that deck by the plum. 

    Wisteria can get very large and do best in a south or west facing position where they will get plenty of sun so whether you can plant one depends on which way your garden faces and how much support you can give it on a strong pergola.   I wouldn't try combining one with grapes myself as they have very different pruning regimes if they get tangled.   Have a look on the RHS website for cultivation advice.

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  • You have the beginnings of a nice garden there, I love the tree.

    If you buy a wisteria buy one when it's in flower. They can take a long time to bloom. I was given one three years ago and it's never flowered; apparently some types can take up to 20 years to bloom! 

  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,657
    There's some interesting shapes there, so I think you need to simplify the design. Use the diagonal end of the main decking area as the starting point for the lawn circle which will give you more planting space. A pergola along the back fence would help to give you more privacy but I would plant an evergreen climber like trachelospermum rather than a wisteria (too big & too ugly in the winter). I would get rid of the decking around the plum tree (looks odd, I wonder why it is there?) and simplify all the odd angles around the shed with gravel as you said. A bench where the bins are would mean you sitting facing the houses opposite so might look better sideways.
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