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Boggy Lawn

Help needed, please can someone advise me on what to do with a really wet, boggy lawn, we moved in here 3 yrs ago and it was the end of summer, so the lawn didn't look too bad, then Winter came and ohh my! they lawn is not drained, water just runs through the soil and washes through the fence onto the public path, i have 3 German Shepherd who used to go out onto the garden but now they cannot, the grass has gone and all i have now is wet mud, and i need to somehow level it out and tidy it up, can anyone tell me what to do and what tools are best for the job please? i was also thinking about covering the lawn with Bark? just need something easy to maintain, this is only 2/3 of the garden as the othere 1/3 is as bad, please help if you can, many thanx in advance ximage


  • oh dear that is a mess, in general when the grass is wet you don't walk on it (and don't let dogs/children run around on it) as it compacts the soil underneath and kills the grass, which is exactly what has happened.

    looking at that, its a 'dig it up and start again' lawn, remove the old lawn down to 2 inches, dig the soil over incorporate lots of fine gravel or sharp sand, tread all over the soil to level it (don't compact it too much one set of walking will do) and then rake it flat, then either seed in the spring or lay turf when its not below freezing temperatures and then don't let anyone or anything on it for at least 4 weeks so it can get established.

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