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imageimageHi, I had a 25 year old Rowan tree which was about ten metres tall. It was gorgeous and filled the space at the bottom of my garden perfectly, hiding the factory behind. As you can see, I’ve had to have it taken out as it died last year and was becoming unsafe. It’s left a huge gap! I am keen to hide as much of the factory behind and possible and want some ideas. What would be best? Fruit trees perhaps? I can’t plant anothmet large tree as the roots have not been taken out. There simply isn‘t enough space. I definitely want some climbers to cover the fence and will redo the border in spring. It’s the huge gap I’m unsure about. Any ideas will be appreciated. 




  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    You won't find quick things with few roots to reach 10 metres, but you could try perennial sunflowers to reach some height.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    As the rowan tree filled the gap superbly, I would spend time now into the spring and dig out the root. A pair of loppers, a pruning saw, a sharp spade and some welly, will see it gone in half a day. And then you have the room to plant another tree.....................

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