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Is this a cornus alba? If it is I have read on here that it needs cut back now. So how far do I prune? Is it ground level, leave 6 ins, 12 ins...I just don't know. Ideally I'd like to end up with a nice upright plant and not the sprawler that I have now. Any help please.imageimage


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    It looks like it might be cornus sanguinea. 

    Can you take a photo of it now, without the leaves?

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    Thanks Hosta. It's in my daughter's garden and will probably be a couple of days before I can get a photo.

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    They are sprawlers, I'm afraid. Very pretty, though and easy to grow. You can cut it back any time now, to just above ground level.

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    I think I'd get a precise ID before going in with the loppers. It doesn't look like one of the robust coloured stem varieties

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    Nutcutlet says :

    "I think I'd get a precise ID before going in with the loppers. It doesn't look like one of the robust coloured stem varieties"

    I concur 100%

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    Me too.  I had albas and sanguineas in my last garden and, whilst the sanguineas happily suckered about they sulked with a vengeance if hard pruned liked the albas which always responded well.

    In my experience, sangunineas do best if you cut out just a third of the stems each year and maybe trim the rest back just a bit to tidy up the size and shape.

    For this new garden I shall only be buying albas as I love the glorious red in low winter sun and they give great autumn leaf colour.

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    The Vendée, France
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    Thank you all for the replies. Here are the photos and I apologize if they are upside down but I have footered around with them for over an hour. When I open them they're grand but when I insert to the post they flip.

    Anyway hope they help with the id. They are budding so I think the prune needs to be soon.

    image   image   image

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    My gut still says sanguinea. I'd follow Obs' advice.

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    Thank you Hosta. I will follow Ob's advice. Prune third out, light trim and we'll see how it behaves image

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