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We have recently bought a house with s big garden area. I say ‘area’ because the weeds were st waist height during the summer when we came to view the property. before we moved in last month (Jan) the seller had diggerscome  and clear out the weeds, then laying top soil over the area. 

We we are really aware that time is against us in terms of spring and the possibility that not all weeds were cleared so need advice please as follows: do we now neeedto treat the top soil with weeds killer (few treatments??) before we plant grass seeds. The garden is too large for turf to be laid so seed is only option.

Thank you in advance for any any advice regarding which products to use but also about how we tackle this before it gets out of control again!


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    I'm afraid you can't do as you suggest. 

    If there is just bare topsoil over the weeds, what are you treating?

    If you add chemicals to stop the weeds coming through the topsoil, you're effectively killing the top surface and no grass seed will germinate.

    I think there's not option but to wait to see what comes through and then decide how to get rid of these, weedkiller or manually.

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    I think you will just have to wait and see what comes up and treat accordingly.

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    was that an echo?image

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    image Great minds and all that!!!

    “Every day is ordinary, until it isn't.” - Bernard Cornwell-Death of Kings
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    I wonder how much soil was actually laid?

    builders etc rarely use enough   Hope have been lucky, ?

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  • thanks Everyone. Leaving it isn’t really an option as the garden is too big and will be completely unmanageae if we wait to see which weeds appear and then kill them. If we put grass seeds down or turf the soil is this simply a waste of time?

  • You could seed it once it's warm enough, and be prepared to do some selective weed killing later in the summer. IF the weeds turn out to be particularly vigorous this may be a tricky one. 

    BUT, should this turn out to be the case, you can easily spray/kill everything later in the year (grass and weeds) and then you'll be left with a much more sterile area to sow fresh grass seed again.

    In short, I would seed as early as your local climate allows this next month or two and go from there. 

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