pricking out advice please

Hi all,

I 'pricked out' yesterday for the first time ever - it was out of module plug trays.   Not sure what I'm doing, I used a teaspoon to scoop out the plug of compost.   Sometimes that collapsed, but for the most part it seemed to get the job done.  I also tried once or twice to pull / hold a true leaf, but this only tore as the weight of the compost was too much for it, so not sure how this technique is meant to work exactly?   I also have many seedlings not in module plugs - rather, in pots - that will need pricking out soon, and could use some advice on the subject.

I was also unsure about how deep to bury the new seedlings - I'm wondering if most are too 'leggy' still.   Am I meant to bury the cotyledons, or does this depend on the species, as some are very close to the true leaves themselves?

Also, a few of them wilted initially (I think because they ventured outdoors into the cold, where I pricked out in the garage), but they seem to be picking up again now.

I also dusted the top of each new pot with vermiculite, though I'm not exactly sure why - I know it is to help insulate against temperature fluctuations, though surely by that point it would be too late to do that, as they were already suffering in the cold on pricking out.    Is there any benefit to top-dressing with the vermiculite when potting on, or is there no point?

Anyway, they are back under the grow lights again now and fingers crossed - but hope I can get some advice here.



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