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Blueberry Patriot


I couldn't resist a really cheap Blueberry Patriot in B&M yesterday.

It's basically just a few green twigs (bareroot?) and I've put it in small pot with ericaceous compost, in my unheated greenhouse (for now).

Should I cut it down to ground level, or just leave it as it is?  Also, will it need a pollinating partner?

Thanks all!


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  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 328

    I agree with scrogging we bought one from B&M three years ago I will prune it for the first time this month if weather will let me,I have three bushes now all at different ages in large pots they cropped pretty well last year. Regards Peter.

  • Thanks Peter and Scroggin.  

    I should have said that the reason I thought it might have needed pruning was it's got quite spindly green growth, and didn't really look that healthy.  

    However I'll resist the temptation and do as you both say, hopefully I'll have berries to enjoy at some stage in the future!

    Thanks again


  • Going cheap is false economy. It would take years before you get any decent crop.  I would rather go to the garden centre in June and choose the biggest bushiest plant laden with fruits.  At that stage you can check out the taste of the berries and you can also choose the suitable branches to make cuttings for multiple plants.  Those new plants you made would be far better than the pityful ones some of those budget stores are offering.

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  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 328

    How easy are blueberries to propagate I am thinking of increasing my stock or is it  easier to buy new bushes.   Regards Peter

  • I've bought lots of plants and bulbs from Poundland, Wilko and Morrissons and other budget stores Hoeglory.

    In the main they've all done well, and I've been really happy with them.

    We can't all afford to pay inflated garden centre prices!

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