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First post so please be nice. ;-)

We have a large-ish garden surrounded by a low level block wall. Top half is paved and bottom is turfed.

We have issues every year with privacy and neighbours. 

One side it's the kids constantly asking to come over the other is rubbish (despite complaints the neighbours does not get rid of their rubbish and I'm fed up seeing rubbish all over their garden because of the low wall)

Call me unsociable but every summer I feel like we share our gardens as the wall is so low we can hear and see everything. We do get on okay and the kids all play nicely but I'd like some sort of screening for a bit of privacy.

So, rather than fence us in I was thinking of growing something down the bottom half to go give a little more privacy and then maybe a trellis fence at the top.

Any ideas or suggestions on what we can grow. Garden is north facing so not always in the sun. We are in the south east. We are not great with maintenance so something that needs trimming once a year, evergreen if possible.


A photo giving a rough look at what we have. The paving runs the width of the top half. We are also slightly higher than neighbours.

Thank you

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  • I would build a pergola without a roof and plant climbers. Then in the bottom garden I would go for plants from the cypress family. 


  • Thank you. :-)

  • I'd go for pyracantha (with the proviso that it demands regular clipping). Privet is less work but also less interesting image 

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    What's next door's tree?  Close to your strange shaped corner.
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    Is the garden in full shade most of the time, or just the patio?
  • Hello
    No idea what the tree is. It's quite big. 

    Most of the garden is shady but the bottom grassed area does see more sun then the patio.

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