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How to Overgrow* a garden

Strange question I imagine,

Explanation: I have a large garden in the country and I want to completely overgrow a part of it to prevent people from getting through it for ... reasons. I also want it to be a truly wild patch where more animals might reside if possible. 

I was thinking some short trees/bushes and nettles?

Also apologies as I am utterly incapable at gardening beyond mowing a lawn.

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  • Let me guess, the same idiots that use my driveway as a toilet?image I have always wondered how or if they think. "Lets poo and leave used toiletpaper on this patch where the grass is cut, right next to the well so we contaminate the water, we can't possibly walk into the woods on the other side of the road where the state has built a resting zone just so people can do things like that".

    I forgive kids, but not adults, if it was legal in my country, I would have surveillance cameras and post a sign saying I would post pictures of them releaving themself online, together with a picture of their licens plate. 

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    Brambles. Find a patch (assuming you don't already have some, although that seems unlikely). Cut a long length of bramble stem, chop it into foot long pieces, shove them into the ground in a staggered row so a couple of inches are above ground. Most of them will sprout. Leave it all alone. In a couple of years you'll have an impenetrable thicket, rabbits, dozens of birds and a nice supply of blackberries. You can get dog roses to grow in pretty much the same way - also viciously thorny, with lovely scented flowers in June and gorgeous rose hips in September and into autumn. In my experience, stinging nettles just turn up, as do docks. The nettles attract butterflies, the docks are covered in finches when they go to seed.

    Hawthorn (birds love it), blackthorn (sloes for Christmas gin/vodka and the nastiest thorns there are) and holly all will give the birds lots of cover and some height to that part of the garden.

    If you have a digger, you could go with Freddies Dad's suggestion of a bog moat. Dig out a wide ditch, put down a pond liner or heavy grade polythene sheet with some holes in it. Put the soil back in on top and plant it up with rushes and other bog plants.

    It'll be a wildlife heaven image

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