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Talkback: Watering the allotment



  • in reference to water butts. I use 2 as the water run off from my garage. I wonder if it is safe to use on the veg given the bit of roof shingle and other debris that comes off with the run off. should i put a water filter such as a brita or some such thing on it? I would hate to in saving the environment, make my family sick. btw I live in Chicago, IL, USA and you are the best resource I can find for gardening.
  • Is there a safe additive I can use to stop saved bathwater going musty in a butt? I have found one commercially available but seems v. expensive and they don't say what it is.
  • My allotment has just installed some water butts which has really helped.

    We need a few more taps but otherwise its very good.
  • I am always ready for drought conditions as i fill up my 4pint empty milk containers with rainwater from my butts whenever they are full. Watering my vegetables with tap water would be too expensive as my water is metered. I build the containers into a neat wall and use them when the butts are empty.
  • Hi there,
    Plantpal were indeed on dragon's Den and although they didn't recieve investment they are currently going from strength to strength. Please google me and you'll see I back his product wholheartedly whilst writing for Grow your Own and Ideal Homes.
    Pre orders are available now, and it really will change the way we water, no need to ask neighbours, or remember on a sunny day. Plantpal all the way!
    Martina Mercer
  • Plantpal is indeed a great aid, it saves asing the neighbours for favours and also helps the most forgetful of us. No matter how hard I try each spring, I never do remember to water my pots every day, and this is why it's been an absolute saviour for me. Pre orders are available now. As a gardening writer I received a free sample, but can't wait to see it on the market so everyone benefits.
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