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next stage for lawn

Our garden had lots of conifers when we moved in, which we removed. the lawn gets very wet, with water sitting on the surface for days.

Last year we sliced it open it to a foot deep, all over, at about 4 to 6 inch distances, and put compost and topsoil and sand in, we also pricked it all over with a garden fork. Then we laid a new lawn on top. 

This has improved the lawn a bit, its not a pond this year, but is a soggy muddy bath. the garden isn't big, it slopes away for the 15ft lawn, then slopes up into a bed with trees and shrubs in. we thought of digging a trench along the bottom of the lawn and fill with gravel, but then it would drain into the neighbours garden..... 

I was wondering if I get more compost sand and topsoil, lay it on top several inches thick then seed, would that improve the lawn or just make it a more expensive mudbath next winter? oh and what proportion sand soil compost?


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  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376

    I can recommend an electric scarifier, about £80 from screwfix.  they tend to come with a scarifiing (think rake) as well as aerating blade.  That would aeriate the soil far better than any manual effort.  I would also suggest feed the lawn, encourage growth, thereby forcing the roots to take up more water...every little helps i guess!  

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