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To water or not to water

I have moved about 50 bulbs from one bed to another today. Daffodils, snowdrops and crocus .

Not sure whether I should water them in or not. I would normally, but I suspect it's going to be freezing tonight again and I don't want the bulbs to freeze. There was ice on my pond this morning. 

I probably shouldn't have moved them yet, but I didn't have much choice unfortunately .


  • Personally, I would water them in, even if the soil is damp. They are  tought bulbs and will except minus temperatur. The only fear is that you have disbursed then just before theor  flowering period so that may delay flowers appearing at their normal time  

  • Thanks, Steve. I think you're right about the flowering. The snowdrops are actually in flower, so I'm hoping they'll be ok.

    Didn't have a lot of choice unfortunately, so I have to hope that most of them will be fine.

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