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Too late to move my plum tree?

I have a young Victoria plum tree which is currently in a large pot. I want to plant it in the garden but I have I left it too late considering it has leaf buds formed? I know your supposed to move them when they're dormant, is it better to wait until next winter now?  Thanks.


  • RedwingRedwing SussexPosts: 1,304

    Not too late; up until about mid-March is the ideal time to plant fruit trees. Keep it well watered throughout the growing season.

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  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 5,823

    Yes and the latest advice is to dig a square hole not a round one, plant at the same depth as it was in the pot and mulch on top not to put compost in the bottom. The idea is to encourage the roots to migrate out in to the surrounding soil. 

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  • Thank you for your responses. They've been really helpful. Glad glad it's not too late and I can get on with moving the tree. 

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