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Moving a new broom


We have two self-set brooms in the wrong place. One is just a little baby, about 6" tall and I think it will be ok to move. The other is probably now 2 years old and I gather they don't like being moved.

So, is now a good time to try to move them and are there any precautions I should take? Also, the big one has lower branches off the main stem that are flush with the ground. Should I trim them off when I move it or should I leave them there. You can more or less see those lower branches (they are only thin) right at the bottom of the plant, among the winter debris on the bed.



All thoughts welcome, thanks


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,639

    I've moved one that was about 3 years old. I've also moved hellebores which are also not keen on disturbance.

    I think with broom, autumn might have been better as they are early coming into life, but whether it would be worth waiting another season - possibly not. As with more or less any plant, the trick with moving it at the 'wrong' time is to not tell it. Water it before, dig up as much soil as you can possible handle, keeping as far from the roots as you can, move it on a tarp or in a big bucket so the soil doesn't fall off the roots, have the new hole all dug and ready to receive it before you lift it. Up, out, drop it in, firm it in, in double quick time, then water well and keep your fingers crossed. 9 times out of 10 it'll be fine.

    You may find it doesn't flower very well for the first year or two - it hopefully it will settle down and be fine soon enough.

    One thing I would say is try to move it to the position you actually want it to stay. I've moved mine twice now and it's still in the wrong place image

    ETA - as to the lower branches, I think that's a matter for what shape you want it to be rather than a consideration in it's move. Better to prune than to break in any case, so if you can't lift it with the there, cut them back

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  • Thanks Raisingirl, sounds like good advice all round.  I will have a good think about the final spot to avoid moving again.....

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