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Can anybody help me three years ago we bought these dwarf fruit self fertile fruit trees one being Braeburn apple Victoria plum and conference pear.  As yet they have yet to produce any fruit we receive them I understand that they were about three years old can anybody suggest  anything to help them fruit appreciate your help  in advance 


  • Three years is nothing. But, there is a but, have you checked that there are other pear trees in the area? They are not self fertile. 

  •  Many thanks for the reply I did wonder if they were self fertile I think they might be coming out soon 

  • Conference pears are self fertile image  They will produce a very good crop without a pollination partner. 

    They will produce an even heavier crop if there is a pear from Group 3 within pollination range, but this usually produces such a heavy crop that the fruits require radical thinning to avoid broken branches. 

    Concorde is also a self fertile pear and crops very well for us as an espalier. 

    As long as your trees are in the right conditions I think that all that's needed is patience. My Concorde produced it's first crop in the fourth year after planting so, providing the weather at blossom time is ok you may well get fruit this year. Don't thin until after the June Drop of course. 

    Victoria plum is also self fertile and Braeburn will also produce fruit without a pollination partner.

    I wouldn't be getting rid of them yet. image

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    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • many thanks for your message I'll take on board what you said as they say patience is a virtue we live in Carlisle and i'm guessing maybe that plays a role in why they haven't fruited yet watch this space. Many thanks Geoff

  • There used to be a saying 'you plant pears for your heirs' meaning that you'd be lucky to see them fruit in your own lifetime image    That was because pear trees on their own roots grow very tall indeed before being mature enough to fruit.

    Nowadays with the introduction of dwarfing rootstocks the wait has been shortened hugely and as I've said, four years is all I had to wait for my first crop of these



    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • I'm impressed yes hoping we get some like this year too what take on board what you have said though we might have to wait a little longer who knows but thank you for your input

  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 328

    I bought the same three six years ago had to dig pear tree up had no fruit kept getting black leaves no fruit at all,the plum and apple are doing  well the Breaburn apples are on the small side the Victoria fruits better every two years I have a bigger Victoria which is doing well. Regards Peter

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