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image First day of our make over looking for help with low maintenance plantin?????


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    To help find suitable plants, which way is your garden facing? Also, are there any particular styles of planting you like. Finally, do you know your soil type. The photo looks like new top-soil, but it's still important to know the type of soil. Clay is sticky and heavy to work at this time of year. Loam is crumbly and easier to work with and sandy soils are very light and easy to work over.

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  • imageThis is how it looked before they dug it out today. We are going to have it paved until the end of the decking and then we are having AstroTurf at the top. We are on the north wales coast so it’s north west. 

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    Hilary166, unless I'm getting it wrong, the bare soil in the middle will be paved and Astro Turf laid over? Is it just the thin strip towards the back area that is the only ground planting space? 

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  • As Boaderline stated you need to check what soil you have but doing a simple soil test. Also what type of sun will the boarder get through out the day. These 2 facts will then enable you to decide what type of planting you can have. Looking at the photo, I assuming the area you have cleared for your new planting  is on the the right hand side of the photo. I would make the boarder deeper as, at present, it looks as if it's very shallow for a planting scheme 

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