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Planting a Laurel Hedge

Hi all, 

I bought 20 3/4ft Laurels for hedging as a privacy screen to plant between 2 mighty Oaks that have a protection order in place. 

How far apart should I space them when planting? What is the best way to plant them in knowing that the oaks will suck up any nutrition from the soil. I will turn the soil and add some manure firat.

Thank you.




  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    Hi 2oaktrees, which laurels do you have? Is it Cherry Laurel or Portuguese Laurel. Both would knit together if you planted around 18-20 feet apart. Being it is planted under oak trees, it is better to have Portuguese Laurel. They do better in shade and also dry soils. But like all young shrubs, the first 2 years, they need consistent watering until established.

    Pot grown plants and bare root plants can be planted any time so long as it's frost-free. If you are planting from a pot, make sure your holes are well dugged over and generous compost/manure are mixed into the holes before re-filling with surrounding soil. If they are quite root bound, pull the roots outwards to free them from a spiral tangle. 

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  • Hi Borderline, I have the Cherry Laurels. It wasn’t until after I’d purchased them that I realised I should have got the Portuguese variety as they are more resi and better looking. Oh well! Ill have to stick with these but I’m sure they would do just as well as long as I keep them under control. 

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    They should do fine, just make sure you put in plenty of compost or similar and consider laying a thick layer of bark chip. Would help them settle in since they are long-term plants. 

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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    Apologies! Well spotted Freddies Dad, clearly not concentrating - well that's my excuse!

  • I had a quote for planting 20 potted laurels and a few other  plants as well as digging and turning the soil for that area in the picture. The chap qoted me £550, bit steep for me! Is that the going rate for this type of work? I feel I’m being ripped off tbh. 

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  • LynLyn Posts: 21,869

    I bought these, planted them ourselves and chopped a good six inches off the tops on planting. 

    Laurels are very easy to grow, do you need someone to do them for you, it’s not a very long run of plants, 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Thank you for all your replies. 

    I wish you lived near me Freddie’s Dad image 

    Well the chap started work on it yesterday and cleared some brambles and large weeds, taking him 3 hrs to do the lot with with some equipment he had. Today he came and asked for £150 for yesterday’s 3hr work. I gave him £150 and basically told him to forget the rest! I felt he's the type of bloke who would keeping adding onto the original quote and I can’t afford that sort of money. I work partime 13hr shifts as a nurse and barely pick up £1300 a month! 

    Will have to get hubby and kids involved and tackle it myself! Paid an arm and a leg for fiskars tools so will put them to use. 

    Thank you for all you help. 

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