Cordyline Sundance

I live in the south of England and I have a very large cordyline which I would like to move. It is currently around 7' tall and looking very healthy and is to the side of my greenhouse. The base is just under 20cm diameter. How and when is the best time to do this?


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    Hello Michelle139

    Just noticed your thread ; at 7' high your Cordyline is going to possess a substantial root system ; they are generally quite thick and fibrous too .

    If you're willing to risk root damage which will be inevitable here , I would wait a month or two and invest in a large sharp spade . They're generally tough plants , but dig a suitable planting hole and make sure it gets enough water 'til it adjusts to its new position .

    Sorry cannot be more help here .

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    We had a cordyline about 5 and a half feet tall that we dug out and gave to a friend last May. It took a fair bit of getting out as the roots went down quite a way. Also getting it out with a good rootball meant it weighed a fair bit,  it took 3 of us to get it out of the ground and into the back of the car (very entertaining for the neighbours image).

    We watered it well for a week or so beforehand primarily to soften the soil and tied the leaves up with some strips of old sheet. It was planted in his gravel drive a couple of days later and still looks good. The main thing is to get as much of the rootball as possible (which may be bigger than you think!) , and make sure you've got a big enough hole ready to plant it in straight away. The more people to help the better !

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    Yes , it's always nice to have an audience when tackling something like that image.

  • Thanks so much for the advice, I wasn't sure it was doable but after your messages we will give it a go. Just out of interest what's the reason for waiting a couple of months? Is it down to temperature? Thanks again

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    Purely for the warmer weather to stimulate root activity .

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